My Candidate Statement

In 2021, Scotland can elect a diverse and experienced range of SNP MSP’s. I believe I have the vision and talent to defeat the Tories and win Eastwood for our party.

I’m from a working-class immigrant family and 30 years ago, we made Scotland our home. I believe I can represent all of Eastwood; its diverse people, young and old, their aspirations and their commitment to hard work and fairness.
For the SNP to win, we need to appeal to new voters, and we need candidates who can communicate our message. I have family and deep community links in Eastwood that will act as a springboard for my campaign. Eastwood voters have been let down by the traditional parties - I can win their trust and gain votes for the SNP.


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Let's Talk

I want to hear from local members and share my vision & ideas on how we can win Eastwood together. 


VOTE SINGH for Eastwood SNP

In 2021, Scotland can elect a diverse and experienced range of SNP MSP’s. I believe I have the vision and talent to win Eastwood for our party and make the case for independence.


My Experience

I have real life experience. For the past 10 years, I have built a career outside politics. I have held senior roles in business & industry, led charitable organisations and supported local communities through the coronavirus crisis. Find out more below & get in touch. 

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Business & Economy

Community & Charity

Campaigns & Activism


Top Story: Glasgow South & Eastwood Extra

If successful, Singh, 30, could make history by becoming the first Scottish-Sikh MSP at Holyrood.  I know what it takes to gain a seat from the opposition. I will bring my campaigning, fundraising and election experience alongside the members of Eastwood SNP to run an effective, winning campaign in 2021.


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Send me a message below to organise a time to connect over Phone or Zoom.

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