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Meet Charandeep

Vote Singh for Eastwood SNP

Over the past 10 years, I have built a career outside of politics, working in business, education and community activism. 

  • I am currently the Deputy Chief Executive at the Scottish Chambers of Commerce and was awarded Professional of the Year at the Scottish Asian Business Awards 2019/20 for contributions to industry.

  • As Founder of The Sikh Food Bank during the Covid-19 pandemic, I was humbled to receive the ‘UK Hero in a Crisis’ alongside Captain Sir Tom Moore and Olivia Strong.

  • In 2016, I was the first-ever Scottish-Sikh SNP Candidate on the Glasgow Regional List and worked hard to reach out to new voters, expand the vote base and secure wins for the SNP.


Testimonials & Support

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"Charandeep is exactly what the SNP and the Scottish Parliament needs. I have no doubt he will make an outstanding constituency candidate for Eastwood and will win this seat for the SNP.


"I have known Charandeep for 10 years - he is a hard grafter. He is a committed activist and an excellent campaigner with intellect and passion. Charandeep's experience in business and charity is unparalleled and will resonate with voters in Eastwood. He is the right person to make the case for the SNP in Eastwood and for Scottish independence."