Candidate Statement: Charandeep Singh 


The Vision

In 2021, Scotland can elect a diverse and experienced range of SNP MSP’s. I believe I have the vision and talent to defeat the Tories and win Eastwood for our party.
I know how to campaign for Holyrood! In 2016, I stood for the Scottish Parliament on the Glasgow List. I also campaigned for Humza Yousaf, where we defeated Labour’s Johann Lamont in Glasgow Pollok, so I know what it takes to unseat the opposition party.

Real-Life Experience

I have real life experience. For the past 10 years, I have built a career OUTSIDE politics, encompassing education, business, industry and charity projects. I am the youngest-ever Deputy CEO of Scottish Chambers of Commerce. I have worked tirelessly with Scotland’s business community to protect jobs, support companies through Covid-19 and navigate Brexit. This year, I co-founded The Sikh Food Bank and served 80,000 meals supporting families through the coronavirus pandemic.
I’m from a working-class immigrant family and 30 years ago, we made Scotland our home. I believe I can represent all of Eastwood; its diverse people, young and old, their aspirations and their commitment to hard work and fairness.

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An SNP Win in Eastwood

For the SNP to win, we need to appeal to new voters, and we need candidates who can communicate our message. I have family and deep community links in Eastwood that will act as a springboard for my campaign. Eastwood voters have been let down by the traditional parties - I can win their trust and gain votes for the SNP.
As a grassroots activist, I will bring all my campaigning experience alongside local SNP members. Our campaign for Eastwood will have a laser-like focus on equality, education & the economy. I will advocate that independence is the best solution for Scotland and we need to escape the chaos of Brexit.
I know the facts about the economy and education. The opposition want to attack our record – I am equipped to fight back and tell them straight.